Get the dirt behind the ditty

Stop the music and go visit Songfacts is a searchable database where you can find out the meaning and motivations behind the hits. The search feature plays nice with DuckDuckGo too:

Syntax: !songfacts “song title only”

Examples: !songfacts “disco duck”

Replayz logo - white bgPlay away your cravings with Replayz, the game that helps you beat your addictions. Available as a deck of cards or a printable PDF you can download instantly.


Find the perfect podcast with fyyd

Searching for a good podcast is like courting for marriage. It requires experimentation, investment of time, and careful listening to find The One. Before you make a commitment, try fyyd, the podcast search engine.

Syntax: !fyyd keywords or “name of topic”

Example: !fyyd “rubber duckies”

Search engine for sales tax

Is It Taxed? tells you instantly if there is !tax on thousands of items sold in Canada. Discover money saving strategies and make your dollar go farther.


Watch videos, not the clock with !watch

You deserve a break. Why not catch a breather with something fun on YouTube? You can find anything jiminy quick by using the !watch command.

Syntax: !watch topic keywords (quotations are useful here)

Example: !watch “I want a new duck”

Wheatbin logo

Wheatbin is Open Source project management software that combines Kanban methodology with the Law of the Harvest. Visit


The biggest bang of the summer… don’t miss it!

Feel like kicking back and watching a movie? Bypass the hassle of logging in to Netflix and doing a search. Just use !nf and the title of the film.

Oh, and make sure you got your popcorn ready – movie is going to start!

Syntax: !nf movie title

Example: !nf DuckTales

Duck Go Bang logo

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