Facebook for bookworms

Goodreads is a “social cataloging” website that allows individuals to search its massive database of books and read reviews. Use the bang !goodreads to friend and follow smart people like you. Here’s how it works:

Syntax: !goodreads keywords (keywords can be a name, title, anything)

Example: !goodreads Jason Comely

Duck Duck Go logo

Android smartphone users! Make DuckDuckGo your default search engine with one of these third party browsers.


As a duck readeth

If you’re looking for a book, you’ll probably find it at BookZZ. With almost 3 million titles, they boast it’s the world’s largest ebook library. Just use !bzz and the book title.

Syntax: !bzz keywords

Usage: !bzz As a Man Thinketh (author name works well too)

Critical Stimulus

Critical Stimulus is a proven method for uncovering repressed emotions, self-denial, hidden agendas and much more. Discover the truth about anyone, even yourself.


Buy your next book with a bang

Regardless of the e-reader you own, DuckDuckGo bangs can help you find your next ebook. Use !a for the Amazon Kindle, !bn for the Barnes & Noble Nook or !kobo for your Kobo eReader.

Syntax: !a “title of the book” (quotes optional) | !bn title of the book (no quotes) | !kobo title of the book (no quotes)

Examples: !a “docbook definitive guide” | !bn philosophy bites again | !kobo moby duck

Duck Go Bang logo

DuckBang has it’s own bang! Use !gobang to search the growing list of bang posts. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Let Cheeky Duck know via the contact form.


Express yourself with !dict

This is a handy one for logophiles. For the definition of a word, just use the bang !dict to automatically search on Dict.org. Works as a Thesaurus and can translate English words into numerous other languages.

Syntax: word !dict

Example: logophile !dict

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