I’ve got news for you

The Economist is a weekly magazine that provides analysis and opinion on current affairs around the world. Supplementing the print edition is their regularly updated website. For DuckDuckGo users, a time-saving tip: just type !economist and you’re there.

Syntax: !economist (keywords don’t work here)

Usage: !economist

Critical Stimulus

Critical Stimulus is a proven method for uncovering repressed emotions, self-denial, hidden agendas and much more. Discover the truth about anyone, even yourself.


Wikipedia for tech startups

CrunchBase is a database of the startup ecosystem that includes investors, incubators and events. For fun, type the bang !cb along with any word in the English dictionary and hit enter. There’s probably a startup with that as a name (or similar).

Syntax: !cb keywords (search for an organization, person, event or product)

Example: !cb quack

Listen to Jesus in Books podcast for surprising insights about the most influential and controversial person in history.


For fast relief of burning ears

Find out if people are talking about you online with the !smention bang. It does a real-time social media search of your name (or whatever topic you wish) on Social Mention.

Syntax: !smention keyword(s) (use quotations if the topic is two or more words).

Example: !smention “cheeky duck

Search engine for sales tax

Is It Taxed? tells you instantly if there is !tax on thousands of items sold in Canada. Discover money saving strategies and make your dollar go farther.