Dip into some indie hip

Tumblr is a popular microblogging platform and massive archive of trippy gifs and indie hipster photography. For a quick mental diversion, take a dip with the !tumblr bang and see what you come up with.

Syntax: !tumblr topic keywords

Example: !tumblr quack

Search engine for sales tax

Is It Taxed? tells you instantly if there is !tax on thousands of items sold in Canada. Discover money saving strategies and make your dollar go farther.


Sight for sore eyes

Posters are a simple and inexpensive way to perk up a room. Search the impressive selection of posters at allposters.com and find that perfect visual accent.

Syntax: !posters topic keywords (note the plural form)

Example: !posters rubber duck

Sesshin meditation posters

Sesshin meditation posters are unique and are not available anywhere else. Visit Sesshin for a powerful new way to improve your meditation practice.


“Clean house” on your next image search

To look up dirty hockey tactics, you already know that !g and !b search Google and Bing, respectively. But what you may not know is that !gi and !bi search Google Images and Bing Images.

Syntax: !gi keyword(s) | keyword(s) !bi

Examples: snow shower hockey !gi | !bi face wash hockey

Protip: Bangs can be appended to the front or at the end of your search query. Both ways work.

Duck Go Bang logo

Use bangs in your browser’s address bar by making DuckDuckGo your default search engine. Here’s how to switch in Chrome. For Firefox, install the plugin.