The time is ripe for urban micro farms

RipeNearMe is a startup that believes backyards, balconies, roofs, vacant blocks and other urban spaces are perfectly good places to grow food. They help connect local growers with buyers who want fresh local produce.

Syntax: !ripenearme location

Examples: !ripenearme Detroit Michigan

RSSPBRRY is a free and open source RSS feed reader and Internet tastemaker (more information forthcoming). The software is available for download on Github.


I’ve got news for you

The Economist is a weekly magazine that provides analysis and opinion on current affairs around the world. Supplementing the print edition is their regularly updated website. For DuckDuckGo users, a time-saving tip: just type !economist and you’re there.

Syntax: !economist (keywords don’t work here)

Usage: !economist

Critical Stimulus

Critical Stimulus is a proven method for uncovering repressed emotions, self-denial, hidden agendas and much more. Discover the truth about anyone, even yourself.


Get your money’s worth

Ready for some straight talk about money? Then Mr. Money Mustache is right up your alley. Let !mrmoney get you there economically. Add a single keyword if you want to read up on a specific topic.

Syntax: !mrmoney keyword

Example: !mrmoney wealth

Duck Duck Go logo

Type password into DuckDuckGo to generate random passwords instantly. For even stronger passwords, include the number of characters you want the password to be (e.g. password 10).


Save paper and printer ink with !pf

Remove ads, menus and unnecessary clutter before printing a web page with PrintFriendly. It will save you paper, printer ink – and money!

Syntax: !pf and the url of the page you want to print

Example: !pf

Wheatbin logo

Wheatbin is Open Source project management software that combines Kanban methodology with the Law of the Harvest. Visit